Happy Little Pixels is an online editorial and Community designed to bring happiness, creativity, and inspiration to anybody who needs it. It's that simple. All you have to do is sit back, grab your favorite beverage or snack, and simply RELAX!

Creativity is a way of life. Without it, we'd be living in a pretty dull and boring world. My intention with Happy Little Pixels is to stimulate your imagination and help you boost the creativeness that will allow you to produce something so amazing that you can be proud of it. After you have done that, I want to help you share it with the rest of the world!

As for myself, my creative niche is Photography and Graphic Design but my passion is anything and everything that is creative! My imagination is always running wild with crazy and inventive ideas. Although I only began my photography and graphic design journey in 2011, I've always had a fascination with it since I was a child. My artwork is an eclectic collection of Landscapes, Wildlife, Still Life, High Speed, Macros, and some Graphic Designs.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and get to know me a little better. I look forward to the amazing artistic journey we're about to take!