Improve your State of Mind with Colors in your Workspace

As Artists, we know how important colors are and how they need to be presented in order to produce an amazing piece of work that will be appealing to others. We put all our efforts into focusing on what colors to use or photograph that we forget how important they are in our own workspace.

What does your workspace look like right now? Do you have basic boring walls in shades of beige, grey, or white? Are you looking to declutter and revamp your workspace? Before you do, keep reading to find out what each color can do for your psychological well being.

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Is the World becoming Less Creative?

Are we living in a world where creativity is becoming a luxury rather than a necessity?

The world is becoming less creative right before our very eyes. Most people are focused on rules and regulations rather than incorporating creativity in everything they do. This results in creativity acting as a luxury rather than a necessity. We are now experiencing a creative crisis. Now wait a minute! “That’s impossible” you may say.  Well, let’s take a look at past and present creative mediums

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Jump Start your Creativity in 8 Easy Steps

Today’s the day! Today you are going to create something new and amazing!
At Least that’s what you told yourself yesterday then found yourself sitting in front of a blank canvas or staring at your camera completely stumped.

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