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Welcome to Creative Corner! Each week, I plan on featuring a special artist that has caught my attention with his/her amazing artwork. It can be photography, graphic designing, painting, writing, or even diy crafting! Sky’s the limit. Anything and everything creative is the only requirement!

So let’s get to it. This week’s featured artist of the week in the Creative Corner is a Visual Artist, Filmmaker, and photographer based in Cairo, Egypt known as Amr Elshamy.

Amr raises creativity standards to a new level with his amazing work creating surreal artwork that captivates your mind.

The image that led me to researching more of his art work and falling in love with his materiel is this image here known as “Flying Whales” where Amr creates a photographic masterpiece using toys and arts and craft materials. Here, he uses a flash head as the bright and stunning moonlight along with simple white balls colored with gold paint to give a shiny effect. The process he goes through attempting to capture the fantastic smoke effect proves how dedicated and creative Amr really is. For the full story on how he created this image, check out his article here at PetaPixel.

Amr’s artwork will have your mind running around with a sense of mystery, magic, and excitement as you immerse yourself in his world. Take a look at this Sci-Fi themed art piece titled “The House”. In this photograph, a UFO is ripping a house out of it’s foundation and beaming it up into their ship to take it to their home planet as a man watches the whole thing unfold right before his eyes.

So how did Amr creative this amazing masterpiece?

Using a strobe light as the Alien’s light beam wrapped in LED lights is just absolutely genius! The attention to detail with the smoke and falling sand is the icing on the cake. This image is not only imaginative and creative, but a great opportunity for a an amazing Sci-Fi story! Can we say book cover!? Another masterpiece deemed as one of my favorites for sure!

Amr’s work is so unique and captivating that it reached the eyes of Adobe themselves. One of his works of art can be found featured on the Photoshop CC 2017 Splash Screen and website. Congratulations Amr for this amazing feature! Very well deserved.

The original image chosen for this Photoshop feature is titled “Falling”. There are three different renditions of this image in Amr’s portfolio (that I found), all shown here. Which one is your favorite? For me, it would be number 2 with the mysterious floating woman shown in the distance. All fantastic and mysterious imagery.

Not only does Amr do dark and mysterious work, he graces us with beautiful, magical, and whimsical pieces such as this series “Colors of Ramadan”.

Amr’s idea here was to create modern art that screams colors and magic. He accomplished this style with the use of ink, water, and little lanterns. Amr brings the ever so popular water photography to a new level. You’ll see a lot of amazing high speed images capturing water drops and ink these days that tend to get a little repetitive. I have personally experimented with this style of modern art as well, which you can see here in my high speed gallery. What sets Amr apart from the countless amount of artist doing this style of imagery is the fact that he makes it so magical. Anybody can capture ink floating in water creating cool puffy smoke effect, but Amr pushes the creative borders with his magical storytelling. For me, I think of a world full of wizards and mythical creatures that await just past these magical floating lanterns.

Amr explains that this process took him approximately 6 days of shooting in order to get the perfect images. And guess what… He didn’t use any fancy studio lights or equipment to take these stunning shots! He simply used 3 old lamps for lighting, a fish tank, ink and small toy lanterns. You don’t have to have an expensive set up in order to capture amazing artwork. I know from experience! Till this day, I still don’t have all that fancy equipment but that doesn’t stop me from attempting to be creative, and by the looks of it, neither does Amr! Take a look at a quick clip on his creative process that can be found on his instagram page here.

What I love the most about Amr’s work is the amount of inspiration it emits.

He proves over and over again how a simple object can become almost anything. It’s up to you and your imagination to create something out of nothing! I hope Amr’s work can bring you inspiration as well and encourage you to get out there and create something amazing! I just can’t wait to get into creative zen and experiment with my kids’ toys now and see what kind of stories I can create with them!

To see more of Amr’s work, you can find him directly on his website, Instagram, Behance, and Twitter.

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