Feeding Your Creative Soul

When we go days without eating a meal, our bodies start shutting down. We lose all of our energy and enter a state of starvation. A human body can go approximately three weeks without food, however, it will not be a very pleasant three weeks. It can survive on fluids alone during this time but it will not be functioning at its highest potential. I don’t know about you, but if I go without any food for even one day, I become moody, crazy and flat out unpleasant to be around. As soon as I have a delicious and healthy meal, my body starts feeling rejuvenated, full of energy and ready to continue my day happily. 

Now think of this same destructive path happening to your creative soul when it becomes hungry. Imagine a mini version of yourself deteriorating away because you haven’t provided it with enough nourishment for it to survive. Neglecting your creative soul is just has harmful as neglecting yourself. If you let your creative soul die from starvation, you’ll be living a mundane day to day life. This is why it is absolutely vital that your Creative Soul gets the proper amount of nourishment just as you would.

Introducing Feeding Your Creative Soul.

A free email series designed to provide your Creative Soul with enough encouragement, inspiration and motivation to keep you on a pleasant and productive road to creative discovery. 

There are many times in life that we lose momentum and start feeling a little down about it. We could all use a little gentle push now and then to prevent us from getting discouraged and get us back on track. By subscribing to my new email series, you’ll take me along with you on your journey where I will guide you and keep you at bay by providing you with brief yet inspirational and motivational messages. All you have to do is sit back, relax and simply open my email twice a week. That’s it. It’s that simple. 

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