Improve your State of Mind with Colors in your Workspace

Colors in your workspace can have a huge impact in your life. 

As Artists, we know how important colors are and how they need to be presented in order to produce an amazing piece of work that will be appealing to others. We put all our efforts into focusing on what colors to use or photograph that we forget how important they are in our own workspace.

What does your workspace look like right now? Do you have basic boring walls in shades of beige, grey, or white? Are you looking to declutter and revamp your workspace?

Before you do, keep reading to find out what each color can do for your psychological well being. 

Research has found that certain colors have an impact on how you work and behave.

Realtors have been using color psychology on potential buyers for years! Have you ever walked into a house that has every color chosen perfectly for every room and all the decor was set up to play on all the other surrounding colors just right? That’s because they were playing with your emotions! Different colors bring out different emotions. So let’s take a closer look at what colors in your workspace can do for you. 


We all know green is the most popular nature color. Most shades of green will bring out a sense of relaxation, calmness and happiness. It helps ease anxiety levels and evoke a sense of tranquility and peace. There are so many shades of green and with all those shades come different emotions. Lighter tones such as pastels will give off calming effects while darker shades will create a peaceful and quiet environment. Adding house plants with earthy green tones is a perfect way to liven up your workspace to promote that tranquil environment we all want and need. 


Like green, blue is associated with nature and also represents peace and tranquility. It’s the color of the sky and ocean. Imagine yourself in a beach house with baby blue walls and the view of the beach right outside your door. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Perfect serene environment. Blue DecorIt helps give an airy and spacious feeling. A sense of calmness aids in concentration which in turn increases productivity. This would be a perfect color choice when you have a project that needs attention to detail. A lot of offices will use this color in a room that is used for projects that require a lot of thinking outside the box. Try painting an accent wall blue or add some blue decor like a potted plant with blue flowers or wall art with blue being the primary color. 


Red is used to call attention like a red stop sign, fire extinguisher, or red bold letters in an email. Our mind usually associates red with a sense of danger or caution. It makes us more aware of something which in turn ignites a little spark on in our brain to help us be more alert. It’s a vibrant and very energetic color that can help our attention with detail. 

Try adding some red accents in your workspace to help give you that little energetic boost. But let me warn you though, too much of red can trigger anxiety and stress so use it moderately. Don’t go off and paint the whole room red if you are prone to getting stressed easily!

Did you know that red is also highly used in the art of persuasion and sales?

The next time you are meeting with a potential buyer for your artwork, if you meet in person, wear something red! Research shows that it’s associated with a sense of power and buyers are prone to actually buying something just by seeing the color red. It’s a “call to action” color. Hmm, how convenient for marketing around the Holidays! 


This one is my absolute favorite! Purple can be considered both cool and warm, depending on the how light or dark you go with it. A darker purple is a bit more dramatic whereas a lighter tone gives off a calming effect, like Lavender. It’s also commonly associated with royalty and leadership. It provides a sense of confidence. I am an avid user of purple tones in my workspace. Not only because it’s my favorite color, but because of the sense of self-respect, dignity and confidence it brings to light.

Purple is also representative of creativity and spirituality. Since purple is a combination of blue and red, it provides both calming yet powerful energy. I highly recommend and suggest incorporating shades of purple in your workspace if you haven’t already!


If you need a pick me up, then you need some yellow in your life! Yellow brings out an optimistic, warm, and cheerful emotion. It’s also said to help raise your self esteem levels and build confidence. 

However, be careful with which tone of yellow you choose as it can have a completely negative effect all together. Research has actually shown that yellow is psychologically the strongest color. It can bring on a sense of aggression and anxiety. A lot of people will find yellow irritating rather than cheerful. But again, it all depends on the tone you are using. Rather than have a bright yellow room, I would suggest adding some light and airy yellow tones as an accent color on the wall or in your decor. 


Here we have a big creative booster color! Orange creates enthusiasm and gives off very high levels of energy. It’s also a very playful color.  This color is best used to offset another color, like white, or green. Having too much of orange can be overwhelming and can actually trigger your appetite! When used correctly, it can increase your focus and get your creative juices flowing. When you feel your mind wandering and find yourself unable to focus at the task at hand, think about adding a splash of orange to your workspace. Not only will it allow you to concentrate better, it’ll bring a sense of positivity to your day as well. 

Let’s put these colors into action and see how they really look in a workspace.

Take a look at this picture. Here, you’ll see a pretty bland and simple room without any colors other than white and gray tones. It doesn’t really spark much emotion or creativity, does it? 

Now let’s take a look at the same room but with the different colors we discussed. What kind of emotions do you feel when you see each one?

As you can see, each room carries a completely different mood and atmosphere simply by changing the colors. Keep this in mind when you revamp your workspace to help you boost that creativity in you!

I would love to see your workspace and how you are using colors to boost your creativity!

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