We all Need Creative Zen in our Life

Creative Zen is a magical place that replaces the real world with a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. A place where you can do anything you want and nobody can stop you. Whether it’s photography, art, gardening, writing, diy crafting, music or graphic designing, you become one with your craft and nothing else matters. You feel an overwhelming sense of happiness that takes you to the moon and back over and over again. It’s a place that allows you to continually fall in love with your craft as if it were the first time you’ve experienced it. In Creative Zen, the butterflies in your stomach are constantly fluttering around as your mind and body illustrate what once was just an idea in your head.

Zen is a complete balance of mind, body and spirit.

When you have reached Creative Zen, you have balanced your mind, body and creative soul. Reaching Creative Zen, aka The Creative Zone, is not only enriching, but absolutely vital in your creative process and overall creative wellness. It gives you a chance to discover yourself and everything that you are truly capable of. 

When you’re in Creative Zen, you may feel a huge burst of energy and a sense of being able to tackle the world head on. Your motivation, inspiration and determination are at their highest levels with no end in sight. Your stress levels start diminishing, resulting in better concentration and production along with a major boost in confidence.  

I highly encourage everybody to make an effort in taking steps to reaching Creative Zen as often as possible. If you need some help getting there, feel free to check out some of my other articles such as: 

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Let’s not forget Feeding your Creative Soul, a free email series designed to provide your Creative Soul with enough encouragement, inspiration and motivation to keep you on a pleasant and productive road to creative discovery.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a road trip together with the destination being Creative Zen!

I would love to hear all the different ways you get to Creative Zen. Feel free to comment below, start a discussion in the Creative Community, or simply post your responses in any of the social media outlets listed below in my contact info. (I’m mainly on Twitter). 


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